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Skin Cancer 10 Important Facts to Remember

  1. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer.
  2. Skin cancer has one of the highest cure rates, as it is often identified early by the patient. Excision is much easier, than when excising cancers that affect internal organs.
  3. Skin cancer is partly hereditary and partly environmental - Skin cancer can be more likely due to hereditary factors, but sun damage plays the biggest role in increasing the odds of developing skin cancer.
  4. Skin cancer is most prevalent in regions of the world where there is plenty of strong sunlight.
  5. Regular use of sun protection can make a very big difference when it comes to preventing skin cancer, as well as many other skin diseases.
  6. Transplant patients or immunosuppressed patients are at a much higher risk of developing skin cancer, and should be screened on a regular basis.
  7. Skin cancer can kill. Do not ignore skin cancer, as many types can spread to internal organs if left unchecked long enough. Understand that early detection and treatment is critical, and unlike many other cancers, most cases of skin cancer can be completely cured.
  8. Those who have had actinic keratosis or skin cancer in the past have sustained significant sun damage in the past, and are at increased risk of developing further skin cancers. Those who are at risk in this way should be doing periodic check-ups.
  9. Those with light skin, who burn but do not tan, and are generally of Northern European ancestry, are typically the most vulnerable to skin damage.
  10. Skin cancer is more common in elderly people as they have been exposed to more accumulated sun damage, and their immune system may be getting weaker.


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